A brief introduction


Olsa Design International is an international design firm providing consultancy for architecture, landscape master planning and urban design within the Asian region and beyond. With many ongoing projects in Asia especially China and gradually developing strong professional ties with associated firms in the Asian area, Olsa Design International have gain recognition in the regional design community for achieving high standards in design and professionalism.

The Olsa Groups, consisting of Olsa Design International, a design firm based in Singapore, PT Olsa Design International based in Jakarta


At OLSA Design International, design is not an abstract exercise in combining shapes, forms, and materials. It’s a problem-solving effort for people. The reason we exist is to create inspiring environments that enhance the human condition. We believe that truly listening to clients and then responding to their needs - leads to inspiring architecture. By elevating problem solving to an art form, we create places that enrich how people work, play, heal, worship, discover, learn, and travel places that improve how people live.